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Desirable African girl with a cute curly hairThe Beginning of the Problem

While American culture has evolved greatly over the years in regard to a woman's place in society and marital expectations, other countries have tried to maintain their own beliefs and traditions while not being effected by the freedoms that American females take for-granted every day. In this country, we are adapted to the Women's Liberation Movement, which allows women to not only vote, but to make their own choices in every aspect of their lives. Gone are the days of marriages arranged by the parents, as well as stigmas that revolve around an unexpected pregnancy.

The Negative Effects of Tradition

Other countries have not reached the point that the United States has reached. Due to religious beliefs or traditions, countries such as Africa still live in a time-warp, determining who and when their daughters will marry, and even the means used to ensure that girl-children never enter the realm of adultery or promiscuity. The methods used are drastic and inhumane, and are still being used today. With this fact being a reality, African government is not able to conceive the possibility that they are planting the seeds of a revolution of women in that system.

Pre-Arranged Marriage During Youth

One of the greatest crimes against African women today is the "marrying off" of them at young ages. Before they are close to being women, girls in this country are being given for marriage and expected to procreate as young as 9 years of age. Another crime being committed against these girls consists of genital mutilation for the purpose of controlling sexual "impulses", thereby guaranteeing their virginity when given in marriage. This practice alone exposes the girls to health issues such as horrible infections, including HIV, and may even extending to scarring, deformities, and death. As a matter of fact, these girls will be so damaged by this practice it can lead to difficulty in childbirth, which leads to death for the female as well. The practices are so inhumane, they cannot be discussed in this format. Child marriage results in numerous consequences to the female population in the country, from domestic violence to sexual abuse in the realm of marriage. Both are suffered by the female, per religion and tradition. Being submissive is demanded, and retaliation or fighting back, in many cases, result in the death of the girl involved.

Yummy African woman with a beauteous smileHow Can the Problem Be Solved?

Inadequate education, coupled with the degradation inflicted by the males, these girls and women are unable to stand up for themselves. They have literally come to believe that this lifestyle is normal, and they are brainwashed into the belief that submissive acceptance is what is expected by them. The result is females beaten down mentally, emotionally, and physically, all the while longing for the serenity only death will bring to them.

Changing and Upholding the Law

At this time in history, there are many who wish to help change things for these girls. Groups who have dedicated themselves to eliminating the current treatment of these beautiful women are focusing on their education and making them aware of their choices as human beings.
Some of the women in this area have come to believe they are not even human. Child marriage can only be disposed of by authorities reinforcing the international laws that are already in place, stating that individuals must be 18 years of age to marry. Strict penalties must be put in place and enforced. This can be difficult due to the traditions that have been lived by for so long in Africa. Enforcing the law with diligence is the only way to change this. Genital mutilation can only be enforced by law, which is the only way to reassure the health and well being of African women, African girls, and African brides all over the area.

People Want To Make A Change

There are many organizations dedicated to changing the rituals and degrading acts that have been imposed on this group of human beings. The only solution is other human being stepping in to make the change happen. By joining together and making our voices loud, change can happen for all the females suffering this torment everywhere.

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What Self-Publishing Book Scams Are There?

Are you a writer who has decided to self-pubish your own book to get your work on store shelves or in Amazon?  If publishing houses have repeatedly rejected your hard work, but you still belive your book has potential and commercial value, then perhaps you should.  Self-publishers also like the freedom and control that they have.

As nice as self-publishing is for many authors, it is still important to proceed with caution.  Where you aware that there are a number of self-publishing ripoffs out there?  Now you think of the word scam and stories of dating scams or Nigerian investment scams immediately come to mind.  But there are also many publishing cons and is is what you will want to look out for: 

If you self-publish you should not have to sign any contracts.  The process you should start out with is to search for a printing company that will turn your words into a real book.  You should not have to sign any complicated contracts or agree to give away your work for this to be done.  In most situations, all you need to do is pay the previously agreed upon fee.  If you are sent a contract, chances you are dealing with a vanity publisher, as opposed to a printing company.

Whether you deal with vanity publishers or a genuine printer, treat any recommendations for add on services with caution.  For example, if a sales representative says 'I know a designer who can layout an incredible cover for your book', proceed with caution.  Of course, the designer in question is more than worth the look, but you should know that many companies do not recommend others out of the goodness of their hearts.  Typically they will receive a percentage of each sale made by working as an affiliate

As for hiring the services of a professional editor, know who you are working with at all times.  Do the proper amount of research first.  You can honestly never tell if an editor actually reads your books and make changes.  Be leery of anyone who says "everything looks good to me," and then hands you a bill.  It is also important to remember that when you hire an editor, you essentially hand them everything that you have worked on for the past year or months.  Make sure you hire a trusted editor who will not run with your work and then later claim it as their own.

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Oil Women of Akwa Ibom State

The red palm oil is a common ingredient in the cooking of almost every type of dish prepared in Nigeria. It is never missing in the kitchen of every Nigerian, and maybe every African. This edible vegetable oil is conspicuously displayed for sale in the African markets and shops in bottles and plastic containers. When we see them, we hardly think of the source and how is came to the market.

The palm oil, after many years are still processed by hand. Only a few large scale oil processing companies are in production of this veritable source of oil for cooking in Nigeria. Akwa Ibom state, a coastal state in south eastern Nigeria is one of the areas in Nigeria where oil in large quantities are produced. This processing is a common vocation and trade of the women of Akwa Ibom State.

It is an area with an abundance of diverse agricultural products. Over 85% of the indigenes live in the rural areas and almost 90% of these are engaged in one form of agricultural activity or the other. It is also one of the areas where the oil palm tree (Elaeis Guinaensis) thrives. It is a predominant feature in the landscape of this area. There are different species widely spread throughout the southern part of Nigeria. It is of economic value to the indigenes of this area and most commonly cultivated for its commercial benefit. The oil palm tree is an economic crop highly values by its owners whether in plantations or simply cultivated in small numbers. Oil palm trees are most commonly cultivated and processed for its oil (edible), soap, mat, fiber etc.

The ownership of the oil palm tree by the people of Akwa Ibom is highly regarded due to its cash crop value. People who own oil palm trees treasure them accordingly. Though there were quite a number of large plantations in the 60s and 70s, most of these have been run down or no more in production. However it is commendable that a few entrepreneurs and government agency have delved into oil palm plantation and oil processing, but the bulk of the oil produced in this state is still predominantly produced by the rural dwellers, the women.

In view of the above, small scale oil palm owners depend on their small farm cultivations to supplement the large vegetable oil market locally and nationally, too. This method of vegetable oil processing is still basically manual, basically by hand.

The processing of the fruits into vegetable oil is most commonly carried out by women. It begins with harvesting the ripe fruits which grows in clusters weighing between 20-30 Kilogrammes. The women work communally in groups of  2 or 3 either from either a single family or with neighbours or even paid helps. 10-20 bunches of ripe fruit from the palm tree are cut and gathered. The harvested fruits are then cut into smaller clusters and sprinkled with water, and then, covered with thick jute bags or banana leaves to aid fermentation and make it easy for the seeds to be picked easily from its spiky stalks.

Two or three days after, the seeds are picked, washed and packed in to iron drums and boiled. This process is tedious. Fire kindled from gathered fire-wood is usually prepared a night before and at intervals, rekindled to keep the fire cooking constantly hot. As early as 4 or 5 a.m. the boiled seeds whose fleshy pericarp has become soft and tender are scooped with a small basket or sieve bowl into an earth dug-out mortar, which has been fitted with a metal drum. The boiled seeds are then pounded with a wooden pestle to separate the fleshy pericarp from its hard kernel seeds.

The next stage involves scooping this mixture onto a flat trough or onto the ground which had been covered with banana leaves. The kernel seeds are then separated from the fibrous mash. This is then scooped into a cylindrical hollow press. The wrench is then turned slowly and gradually, as this is being done, the extracted oil from the holes in the press is guided through a duct at the bottom of the press into a large bowl, trough or container. This process is carried out several times until oil is drained from the marshy mixture.

The next stage is carefully draining the oil into containers; in doing so, the women are careful not to allow dirt, fiber or other foreign matter into the oil. The finished product if in large quantity may be further stored in larger metal drums awaiting buyers who come to buy them off these women and transported to other towns. If the oil is not so large in quantity they are then taken to the local market for sale; either way, the Akwa Ibom woman earns her money. Though the process is tedious, the oil is top quality if processed by an experienced producer.

I then ask; with government at the state and local levels, asking people to go back to agriculture, what are they doing to empower these women to own their own joint or small-scale oil processing oil mills? What impact would be, if they look at this vocation common to her people?

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Online Dating Scams, Russian Style

With more and more people joining and using online dating sites (and more and more sites popping up to serve them), there is a growing amount of information available regarding online scams and the fraudsters behind them. One of the most documented scams (and yet continuously difficult to stop) derives from Russia and Ukraine.

Here then are some telltale signs and preferred methods of common online dating scams, Russian style.

The perfect photo

The profiles of a Russian scammer will rarely have a low quality photograph, so be on the look out for any Russian based profile with a photograph that seems almost too perfect. Fraudulent profiles will often use photographs of Russian celebrities or models, though they have also been known to hire women for private photo sessions. Be careful, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Scamglish: the language of cash

As most online dating scams originate from foreign countries, fraudulent profiles are usually written in poor, broken English. Russian scams continue this trend, however they do offer a few idiosyncratic twists that can help you spot them. First, be very cautious if it seems like a Russian single’s profile is written in the form of an introductory email. This is usually a sign of a pre-written template being used by a group. Secondly, be very careful if you see sentences like, “I the sensitive girl,” “I the nice person”, or anything to do with the word “structure”. These are translation mistakes that most Russian scammers make.

Visas and airline tickets

The most common method Russian scammers use to solicit money is based on traveling. Putting on the charm and making you believe they love you, they will make you believe that the only thing separating you from the love of your life is a simple airline ticket, or worse, an American visa. No matter how attractive, funny or easy-going a person may seem, do not agree to pay for their travel expenses. If they really wanted to meet you, they would have tried to find a way to get there on their own.

English classes

Using one of their telltale signs to their advantage, Russian scammers will often pretend to feel ashamed and embarrassed with the difficulties they have in English. They will then try to make it seem as if this difficulty is a great impediment to a promising, and globe crossing relationship. Whatever a supposed single tells you, never offer or agree to pay for a person’s English classes. Not only will they never actually study the language, but you will probably never even hear from them again.

Room and board

Another common Russian tactic is to build a decent rapport with a good-hearted single, gain some trust and then tell them they are moments away from being evicted. Do not offer to help, no matter how heartfelt the plea. Remember, you’re using an online dating site to meet your perfect match, not to help pay someone’s rent. Do not fall for it.

The cost of communication

Scammers will often try to make you think that they will soon be unable to pay for their Internet connection, or cell phone. The idea is that if they have done their job properly in attracting you, you will want to pay to continue talking to them. Don’t believe it for a moment.

The sick mother

What would a scammer be with the old “sick mother” routine? Like scammers from all over the world (with those from Asia at the forefront) Russians fraudsters are not above pretending their mother (or father) is deathly ill and in need of medical assistance. Do not, under any circumstances, offer to help someone who describes this sort of story to you. You are not online to finance surgeries and medical care.

While Russian scams are among the most well known of the online dating frauds, it does not mean that every member from that region of the world is worthy of suspicion. Exercising caution, and keeping some of these methods in mind will help you pick out the good from the bad. Be safe, and have fun.

Mitch Conway is the author of The Go-Getter’s Guide To Finding Your Soulmate, the first dating guide designed to help singles save time and become more proactive at meeting people. To find out more, visit

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Facts About Nigerian People

Here is an insider tip about Nigeria People. Are you planning on visiting Nigeria and wondering the kind of people you are going to meet?  What do you think of an average Nigerian male? Are you hoping to get married to a Nigerian girl, learn a bit about People from Nigeria, their hopes, dreams, and what is our earnest expectations.

Nigerian People are very concerned about their culture and origin, and are very proud to speak their languages where ever we meet in any part of the world, although, that trait is inherent and mostly expressed by the Hausa and Yoruba (the two major Nigerian tribes, alongside Igbo). Nigerian is the largest country in African and apparently the most popular; hence there is no part of the world where you live in that you wouldn't likely run into Nigeria people.

In the mind of a Nigerian is the desire to move from one stage in life's pyramid to another, the desire to grow, to increase, and to enlarge. Nigeria people are always on the move to the forward; most times we do whatever it takes to change position.
In Nigerian, the man is the head of the family and he makes the final decision, he moves the family ahead and pay almost all the bill, while the women make sure the house is in order, this pattern of living dates back to several years ago when a Nigerian man can get married to as many as five wives and provide for them.

Women in Nigeria are used to staying at home, raising the kids, making sure that food is cooked and served and keeping the house clean, although this pattern of life is being washed away by modern civilization, today some women are even running their homes, driving posh cars and even getting political appointment, some women have even tasted the seat of the president in most African country, something Nigeria People think would never happen in their own country.

Young girls in Nigerian are expected to get married and leave their father's house at most by the age of thirty, it is believed that the woman belonged to a man and a women without a man is without honor, although, many pretty girls in Nigeria, movie stars and female musician have been applauded by many even without a man.

It is obvious that Nigeria people is not without a culture or some sort of "way of life"  but the ways of our fore-fathers have often be tagged as ancient and trodden upon, Nigerian people are known to be decent and respectful, a girl in Nigeria is not expected to put on trousers but today it is like they hardly go on the normal "old fashioned" (as they call it) skirt and blouse or wrapper.  It is like we are totally adapting the western culture.

All around the world you would likely run into a Nigerian, Nigerian people are easy going and loves the good things of life, the Igbos are very industrious, they can travel to any part of the world for business as long as there would be enough profit.

Nigerian is the most blessed country in African and the 8th amongst oil rich countries of the world, our only problem is that the managers of our resources are believed to be perfectly inefficient. Nigeria have enough resources that if properly manage would put our name on the G20 list in no time.

The earnest expectation of the Nigerian people is for a good leader, a leader with the interest of the general public at heart, a leader that would put the country first and think less of his personal bank accounts which are always numerous.

The April 2011 Nigeria General election was said to be credible and of course I think it is the best we've had in several years. We are hoping that within the next few years, Nigerian will have the freedom to choose who sits in government house and if the leaders are elected by the general public, it is believed that the people of Nigeria will soon have their own sigh of relief.