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More than one hundred years ago, Sigmund Freud the father of modern day psychology said that there was a question that he does not have an answer to. The question was, “What do women want?”

With all due respect to Freud, I sincerely think he was asking the wrong question. The question that he needed to ask should have been “What do women respond to?”

Have you noticed that if you asked a woman “What is it that she want in a man?”, she would say something like “I want a Good guy, honest, caring, hard working and fun loving e.t.c

But you and I know that a lot of the most beautiful women in the world seem to be attracted to men who are complete opposite of the type of man they claim to want.

If like me, you are fond of the cable channel “E”!, you would have noticed that most of the top models of our time seem to be attracted to drug addicted, violent and crazy men, who necessarily do not treat them nicely.It is also shocking to know that most, if not all of the very attractive ladies ever interviewed in TV history has admitted to being attracted to “BAD BOYS”. Are you with me?

The truth is that there is a very big different between what a women claims to like and what they actually RESPOND to. Women are complicated and have a mixture of conflicting drives going on in their minds.

Women are not logical beings. I mean unlike men, a woman would responds to a situation emotionally first before analyzing it logically.

Nigerian People are very concerned about their culture and origin, and are very proud to speak their languages where ever we meet in any part of the world, although, that trait is inherent and mostly expressed by the Hausa and Yoruba (the two major Nigerian tribes, alongside Igbo). Nigerian is the largest country in African and apparently the most popular; hence there is no part of the world where you live in that you wouldn’t likely run into Nigeria people.

In the mind of a Nigerian is the desire to move from one stage in life’s pyramid to another, the desire to grow, to increase, and to enlarge. Nigeria people are always on the move to the forward; most times we do whatever it takes to change position.
In Nigerian, the man is the head of the family and he makes the final decision, he moves the family ahead and pay almost all the bill, while the women make sure the house is in order, this pattern of living dates back to several years ago when a Nigerian man can get married to as many as five wives and provide for them.

Women in Nigeria are used to staying at home, raising the kids, making sure that food is cooked and served and keeping the house clean, although this pattern of life is being washed away by modern civilization, today some women are even running their homes, driving posh cars and even getting political appointment, some women have even tasted the seat of the president in most African country, something Nigeria People think would never happen in their own country.

Young girls in Nigerian are expected to get married and leave their father’s house at most by the age of thirty, it is believed that the woman belonged to a man and a women without a man is without honor, although, many pretty girls in Nigeria, movie stars and female musician have been applauded by many even without a man.

It is obvious that Nigeria people is not without a culture or some sort of “way of life”  but the ways of our fore-fathers have often be tagged as ancient and trodden upon, Nigerian people are known to be decent and respectful, a girl in Nigeria is not expected to put on trousers but today it is like they hardly go on the normal “old fashioned” (as they call it) skirt and blouse or wrapper.  It is like we are totally adapting the western culture.

All around the world you would likely run into a Nigerian, Nigerian people are easy going and loves the good things of life, the Igbos are very industrious, they can travel to any part of the world for business as long as there would be enough profit.

Nigerian is the most blessed country in African and the 8th amongst oil rich countries of the world, our only problem is that the managers of our resources are believed to be perfectly inefficient. Nigeria have enough resources that if properly manage would put our name on the G20 list in no time.

The earnest expectation of the Nigerian people is for a good leader, a leader with the interest of the general public at heart, a leader that would put the country first and think less of his personal bank accounts which are always numerous.

The April 2011 Nigeria General election was said to be credible and of course I think it is the best we’ve had in several years. We are hoping that within the next few years, Nigerian will have the freedom to choose who sits in government house and if the leaders are elected by the general public, it is believed that the people of Nigeria will soon have their own sigh of relief.

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