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Time for the dress code for women in Nigeria

We must agree on one thing before proceeding in all our major pieces today. Should women be dressed as humans or should not, like beasts! We think they should, and rightly so. One of the main differences between men and beast is the man's clothing, while animals do not. Menswear for a reason that goes back to the fall of man. When the sin of Adam and Eve fell they knew they were naked, and therefore it is necessary to view. While Adam and Eve sewed aprons (preparing coatings) of fig leaves to cover themselves, God did for them later layers (tunics) of the skin (leather) of a dead animal, apparently the fabric themselves. We can see here that Eve, for example, did not dress half woman and half beast. She was dressed, well dressed! And this has been the culture in recent years with more than a religion. Therefore, we sailed with it before continuing: Clothing that exposes women breasts, underarms, stomach, turns, etc, or sample, for example, its shape makes his bestial, anti-God and Satan. And not Seneca age even gives us some food for thought when he said that "if the sensuality were happiness, animals were happier than men, but happiness presented in the human soul, not in the flesh "write a few years ago the independent Warri, churches and crime in that city? the writer said:" In Warri, prostitution (immorality) fiercely advertised everywhere - from the streets, houses / offices here and there, including the churches of the world. In the example of Satan, girls and women are simply 'Rampage'. As days worth putting on underwear before clothes seem normal have disappeared, dress without underwear can be a common place tight silk dresses advertise their contours. At other times, some just can not hide it who grew up to know are called private parts, so it should be half, even two-thirds exposed. To see these reasons and bad parts have been given for body decoration. As graffiti is not meant for the confinement, but stuck out to eat all the readers, so these people want the essence of his condition of woman who is all over your feet look. It is normal! What remains is, perhaps, to walk without a bra and bodice, or even stack naked "(See Independent Journal Thursday, September 16, 2004). The story is the story of Warri in Nigeria. The women of easy virtue loose in Nigeria without checking and repression, and men lose the moral not just in the ghettos and street corners, but the government and the business is prepared to meet her sensuality. Nothing corrupts society that women usually advertising their private parts, and nothing and multiply the wastage in government departments, armed robbery and other vices most obscene women and girls in our streets, offices and homes, and this is not merely being judgmental. This writer made the point so far in the independent Monday, 26 July 2004 has been said in general that the bad girls, either in brothels, whimsical home, marriage, ivory towers, business or whatever, is a of the main reasons for the low world, children are stealing and even take up arms to kill life. It has been said, quietly, however, that most for the same reason the politicians are "banditting" insight to the head, shoulder and heart in our treasures with obstacles and resistance, real or perceived, meeting with the murder. He also said then that the debauchery and the obscenity is currently on display on screens across the country and wondered why the laws against obscenity means nothing to the politicians. He also wondered why the head of the former regime (with its priestly pose) and the National Broadcasting wants miracles off the screen, but will not do anything seriously obscene images Observers of the screen has to be overrun with. We very concerned that the videos still do with outside and inside the trash ethos our good education and sound! We were very sad, and remain, with promotions of music artists on the screen, people not only dancing their souls to eternal damnation, but many want them on their way to damnation. Prostitution that nudity (in whole or in part) represents the fuel for the financial waste, and its cause. And because of the nudity in all its various ramifications and expressions, is becoming prostitution first open invitation offered by the town men, instead monstrous social decay should be clear and must therefore be tackled with a masterful tool, like a well-conceived legislation. And until we do this and to meet this evil head on the government would only be throwing a stick the EFCC and ICPC conference in his campaign against corruption. Ignoring this critical area is to adopt a botched war or at best half-measure approach. We need a comprehensive approach and very rewarding. Obscenity and all forms of nudity in public places, streets and screens must be seen to be closely fought. Nudity (Whole or average) on screen and off screen outdoors has stolen our common treasures the Arabian Abacha. To fight corruption among men and yet be blind both to one of the main reasons for corrupt men behave the way they do means a lack of sincerity. This means a battle blindly. It's like chasing armed robbers, while the suppliers of the arms are much less, of course, to supply more arms to armed robbers list. In fact, there is always a strong correlation between the crime (in general) in society and prostitution, nudity and nudity - full or half - it is. To solve the problems of Nigeria significantly our women have to learn or do to dress well. Good enough, the last regime showed that many decent women we recommend as national models. Danjumas the likes of Daisy in Parliament made a good vision into reality. The likes of Joy Ogwus in office will be mostly lost. The Ezekwesilis Oby Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Nenadi Usmans, Akinyulis Dora and a few other women represent the ideal in this regard and would like to see our girls and women (married and unmarried) modeled themselves them. Yes, we are not left without a good example. The time has come when in fact our laws should require what is good and acceptable. Is it any wonder that these women brilliantly in the government? Perhaps the temptation is to try to draw the correlation between the decrease in wear and performance. But because of dressing down is a product of fear God and the proper education of the correlation is more appropriate between the fear of God and good performance. The Nigerian Television results also high in this regard. Many of the ladies do not go as women, at least on the screen. If we wanted to wear the values ​​are maintained by some in the government and NTA could be called Gateway the country after these values ​​must necessarily be taken to the streets across the land and on the contrary treated strictly as an aberration! There are enough permitted things to be seen on the face of a woman in public places and on the street. Therefore, we must be saved from bad to see the trash, so it is all that is emptied value or no value assigned to them by those who possess them. If Nigeria must be as healthy as possible, if the Treasury should be as safe as possible, and if we to get the best out of our women as much as possible to our women must do to live as they believe to be: women, not half. And to make laws have you had God in mind and has the size of large models like Danjuma, Ogwu, Usman, et al Akinyuli in approach is essential and urgent. We want our women to cover. We believe that their private parts should remain private, if our society can move away from the corruption that has plagued government and became street children of governors. But if they have to bring to light all of its private members, then they should know better to live with the lower creatures. What is really strange and wrong in the eyes human beings to see the animals dressed, and how truly strange and equally false in the eyes of the animals to see naked human beings! Thus, it can Each child support herself and her own station. Let our girls and women are still girls and women do. While the "animal rights to return to his house naked and abroad is not for women 'right to be naked in public. We say that the spoilers of society, the destroyers of our value system and influential people of the vacuum (s) of our treasures must be controlled. We need this piece of legislation now! Igho writes from Warri

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